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Fairtrade on the road

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Fairtrade is not the magic cure-all for poverty, but farmers have pride in knowing that clean water wells, the classroom for their children, and the roadway giving easier access to the port, were paid for through their efforts to produce quality products.

Harriet Lamb, CEO of Fairtrade International, on revising her book ‘Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles’. Order the new edition here.

Read Harriet’s full commentary on the process at the Guardian.

The real cost of cheap tea



According to an interview with Tesco boss Philip Clark this weekend, this may be the start of the end of the era of cheap food – with a recognition that to keep farmers farming, and wanting to sell to the UK, we may have to start paying higher prices for our food. We should see that as good – not bad - news, says Barbara Crowther, Director of Policy & Public Affairs.

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The international Fairtrade system is made up of 26 organizations, including three producer networks. The CLAC, representing farmers and workers in Latin America, recently produced a great video to show how your support of Fairtrade supports farmers and workers.

The international Fairtrade system is up and running in the USA. Following the departure of Fair Trade USA from the global association, Fairtrade International, our members and partners, and a diverse group of stakeholders has been working to build a new organization. Check out the website throughout Fair Trade Month to keep up to date.

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