We met Luis Marin Garcia while at the SCAA Expo in April. Luis is manager of UCASUMAN in Nicaragua, one of the first recipients of a Fairtrade Access Fund loan. The Fairtrade Access Fund helps Fairtrade certified producers in Latin America get access to affordable credit to improve their businesses. Read more about the Fund here.

Translation: My name is Luis Marin Garcia. I am the manager of UCASUMAN and I am a producer and member of the cooperative.

We are happy be here representing our organization that belongs to us and we are happy to be working together managing our resources and running our organization efficiently.

Within this current management we have secured a $350,000 loan from Incofin to secure the contracts of one of our major importers, which is Volcafe, whose three contracts helped us guarantee the loan. And this is important because it satisfies a major need for each member of our cooperative. So each member is more satisfied, more at peace, and content to know that by being certified Fairtrade, it helps us obtain resources and it can facilitate access to international markets.

With Volcafe we have a good project for financing and we export 23% of our coffee with them, which makes them one of our most important clients. And they pay well for the coffee meaning a higher income in the wallets of our producers, which allows them [the producer] to fulfil their obligations.