Business is buzzing for Fairtrade honey producers at Apicola co-op in Uruguay.

Before the beekeepers formed the co-op, poor rural roads and limited information meant that they had to depend on local middlemen to buy their honey.

Now the Apicola producers determine their own future.  Working together, the 30 members are able to cut out the middlemen and receive higher returns for their products, which they export abroad.

"Fairtrade brought trading security to our business, gave us access to pre-harvest financing of contracts, and improved the quality of our products", says Timoteo Teixeira, Secretary of Pueblo Apicola (pictured on bottom right photo, far left).

Apicola is one of a dozen Fairtrade honey producers worldwide, and the only Fairtrade certified cooperative in the country.  Read more about Apicola co-op on our website.